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If you’re looking for a top-quality metal detector, Kwaks Metal Detectors is the place to go. We carry a wide selection of metal detectors from the leading brands, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs. Plus, our experienced staff is always on hand to help you choose the right metal detector and get the most out of it. Kwak’s Metal Detectors is your one-stop shop for all your metal detecting needs!

Our Top Selling Metal Detectors

equinox 800

Minelab EQUINOX 900 Multi IQ Metal Detector

The EQUINOX 900 is the latest and most advanced metal detector from Minelab, taking the already impressive features of the EQUINOX 800 to the next level. With its cutting-edge Multi-IQ Technology, the EQUINOX 900 is designed to help you uncover treasures in any terrain, from parks and fields to beaches and even underwater.

Multi-IQ Technology

The EQUINOX 900 harnesses the power of Minelab’s revolutionary Multi-IQ Technology, which simultaneously uses multiple frequencies to detect a wide range of targets. This means you can hunt for silver, gold, and jewelry in any environment, as the detector adapts to the ground conditions and the type of treasure you’re seeking.

Fully Waterproof

With an IP68 rating, the EQUINOX 900 is fully waterproof up to 5 meters (16 feet), allowing you to explore new hunting grounds, including wet sand and saltwater. Take your treasure hunting to the next level by searching in previously inaccessible areas.

High-Resolution Target ID and Superior Target Separation

The EQUINOX 900 boasts an impressive 119 High-Resolution Target ID system, providing precise identification of targets. Its superior target separation capability enables you to distinguish between multiple items buried close together, ensuring you don’t miss any valuable finds.

Advanced Features

3-Piece Carbon-Fiber Shaft System

The EQUINOX 900 features a lightweight, 3-piece carbon-fiber collapsible shaft system, offering optimal comfort and convenience during long hunting sessions[2][3]. The detector weighs only 1.2 kg (2.8 lbs) and packs down to just 61 cm (24 in), making it easy to transport in your backpack.

Advanced Audio Controls

With multiple tone audio options and advanced audio controls, the EQUINOX 900 provides clear audio feedback, allowing you to distinguish between trash and treasure. You can even gauge a target’s size and depth simply by listening to the audio response.

Control Pod Flashlight and Handgrip Vibration

The EQUINOX 900 comes fully loaded with extras like the Control Pod Flashlight and Handgrip Vibration, enhancing your overall detecting experience. These features provide added convenience and tactile feedback during your treasure hunting adventures.

Customizable Settings

The EQUINOX 900 offers a wide range of customizable settings, including 8 user profile buttons, 6 single frequency options (4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 40 kHz), and adjustable noise cancel, ground balance, sensitivity, volume, threshold, and more. Tailor the detector to your specific needs and preferences for optimal performance.

With its advanced technology, rugged design, and user-friendly features, the Minelab EQUINOX 900 is the ultimate all-terrain metal detector for serious treasure hunters. Whether you’re searching for relics in the park, coins on the beach, or gold in the fields, the EQUINOX 900 is your trusted companion on the journey to uncovering hidden treasures.

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Minelab Manticore Multi-IQ+ Metal Detector

The Minelab Manticore is the most powerful, fastest, and precise metal detector in Minelab’s history. With its revolutionary Multi-IQ+ technology, you can experience unrivalled detecting performance that pushes the boundaries to deliver more power, more depth, and more finds!

Multi-IQ+ Technology

Multi-IQ+ is the newest generation Simultaneous Multi-Frequency engine from Minelab. It transmits more power through the coil at a wider range of operating frequencies to light up more targets in the ground. Low frequencies give more depth on large targets while high frequencies are more sensitive to small targets. With Multi-IQ+ you can operate across the full spectrum simultaneously for maximum results.

Fully Waterproof

The Manticore is fully waterproof up to 16 feet, so you can dive for underwater exploration and find hidden targets others can’t reach.

Intuitive 2D ID Map

A powerful two-dimensional (2D) identification map system delivers greater visual and audible Target ID insights. This allows for exceptionally precise target identification to enable swift and confident acceptance or rejection of finds.

Advanced Settings

Wireless Audio

Detect with personalized audio settings to firmly identify targets, drown out background noise, and distinguish trash. The Manticore has proprietary low-latency wireless technology and includes wireless headphones.

10 Search Modes

Choose from over 10 preset search modes optimized for different terrains like All-Terrain, Beach, and Goldfield. You can also personalize up to 10 different modes to suit your specific needs.

Lightweight and Compact

Weighing only 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs), the Manticore comes with a three-piece, compact carbon-fiber shaft system for comfortable use.

Enhanced Discrimination

Unprecedented control to accept ferrous coins, reject complex ferrous targets, or dial in maximum unmasking of targets in iron-infested areas. The Manticore delivers improved Target ID stability and close target separation.

Blazing Fast Recovery Speed

With an adjustable recovery speed, ranging from 0-8, you can optimize performance for any terrain or target. Whether you’re seeking deep treasures or picking out good targets in trashy areas, the Manticore’s lightning-quick recovery helps you cover more ground and discover more than ever before.

Backlit for Night Use

With a control pod flashlight, display backlight with auto adjust, backlit keypad and handgrip vibration, you can continue detecting long after the sun has set.2

The Minelab Manticore sets a new standard in metal detecting. Experience the power, precision and performance to find more than ever before with this unrivaled metal detector. Take your treasure hunting to the next level with Manticore!

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