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Selling knives is a great way to make money! Whether you want to start your own small business or supplement your income, selling knives can be an excellent idea. In this article, we will not only answer the question of who buys knives, but we will also give tips for the best ways to sell knives. We will also give you some information about the knives you have and how much you might expect from their sales.

From large collections to individual pieces, enthusiasts consider knives prized possessions. However, selling them is tricky due to their value and sharp blades. That’s why it is important to know not only who will buy your knives but about the knives themselves.

The information in this article will help you understand exactly who buys knives and how to best approach the sale of the knife, whether the situation is a one-time event or as a small business.

Research Findings

In recent years, people who collect knives have been coming from younger age groups who have more money to spend. Other people who buy knives are local hunters and, of course, everyday people who use kitchen knives as cutlery.

However, the buyers have changed. Now it is very common for people to purchase knives as a collectible item because of their beauty and design.

Let’s Begin

When it comes to selling knives, there are several ways that you can go about it. You can choose to sell them online, in person, or combine the two. Whichever way you decide to go, it is essential that you do your research to find the best ways for you. So first, begin learning who buys knives, the knives you have, and why they buy them.

The Best Places to Sell Knives

Selling Your Knives Online

The internet is full of people who search online for knives, so it makes sense that this would be a popular method. Just make sure to check out the website that you plan to use. Be careful because there’s no shortage of sketchy sites out there that might try to rip you off.

sell knives online

You can try advertising on websites like eBay or forums, including online knife forums like bladeforums.com. You can even use a website like Facebook. Local online classifieds like Craigslist, although technically online, are another in-person option.

Just make sure to take good pictures of your knives and be as descriptive as possible. Having quality images will help avoid misunderstandings or purchase disputes down the road. It is also important to remember that shipping knives can be tricky. If they’re not packaged correctly, they could get damaged in transit. If possible, use their original packaging.

Positive audience feedback in the form of past reviews is also helpful when selling anything online.

Sell Your Knife In Person

It is also possible to sell knives by taking advantage of your local market. Garage sales, pawnshops, and yard sales all have people searching for quality knives are all fair game. It can also be beneficial to try more than one of these options to determine what works best for you.

flea market

Flea markets – Flea markets are a great place to sell knives. However, you will have to price your knives lower than you would in other places for them to sell.

Antique stores – Antique stores are a great place enthusiasts go to buy knives. It is a good idea to look into those in your area and compare their prices against online auctions or local classified ads.

Local knife dealers – If your knife is a collectible item, then a local dealer might be the best option. Often, they will want to buy your knives. However, you will not receive as much as you would from another option as you will get the wholesale price.

Knife Shows – Shows are also a great place to sell knives. Collectors and knife enthusiasts who often want your knives attend these events.

Hunting Organizations – Local hunters are always in need of knives. Contact local chapters in your market.

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How to Sell Large Collections

If you have a large collection of knives, then selling them all at once might be the best option. Some people who buy knives will go to shows specifically to purchase collections. If there’s one in your area, this would be the time to sell your knives. If you have a collection deemed valuable by a respected knife dealer, they can sell your knives for you. to sell them for you. However, you will not get the amount that your knives are worth.

Knife Appraisal

Before you sell a knife to anyone, it is helpful to get it appraised. An appraisal consists of a detailed description of the knife’s make, model number, and manufacturer. The appraisal will also include details about its condition, including any wear or damage. The cost to get a knife appraised can be anywhere from no charge to several hundred dollars, depending on where you take it and how much time they have to spend. Having an appraisal done before selling a knife is important because it establishes a fair price for both the buyer and the seller. It also protects you as the seller if something goes wrong with the sale.

Determining the Value

Check online auction sites such as eBay and Bonanza for prices of similar knives to help determine value. Also, make sure to look over the description in your appraisal carefully. There’s no shortage of places to sell knives online, but it’s important to be careful. Many sites have strict guidelines about what you can and cannot sell. Understanding these guidelines will help protect both the buyer and seller, making the entire process safer and more efficient for everyone involved.

Where to Learn About Selling Knives

straight knife

When it comes time to sell old knives, it is important to do your research and understand what you are selling. By knowing about the knife itself, you will make better decisions and get a fair deal. When it comes to learning about knives, make sure to utilize forums as they are a great place to start. Here are some of the best sites for information:

Bladeforums.com – This site dedicates itself to discussing knives, including finding information on specific models, manufacturers, and more.

iKnifecollector: This website offers a great community, as well as information on everything knives.

Knifetalkforums.com – Here, you will find information about different knives as well as get expert advice.

Types Of Knives

Fixed Blade Knives

Some people who buy knives prefer a fixed blade knife that has no moving parts, meaning the blade is locked in place. These can be anything from small knives to large survival knives, including Bowie knives, hunting knives, survival knives, etc. These knives are used for anything from self-defense to hunting.

Folding Knives

Folding knives are knives where the blade can be folded into the handle. This makes them much easier to carry around in a purse, briefcase, or backpack.

pocket knives

Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are folding knives that one can easily carry in a pocket. They often have a locking blade and other features, such as bottle openers. In addition, pocket knives can come with multiple other tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers, and scissors built right in.

More Categories 

Custom Knives 

These knives come in all shapes and sizes, from small folding blades to large fixed blade knives. They are often crafted by a custom knifemaker who has not sought a patent for their work. Custom knives also include those who have taken a knife design from another maker and reworked the blade or handle.

Antique Knives

Antique knives are old knives produced at least 100 years ago. These knives can often be an invaluable part of a collection and make for great conversation pieces and showpieces because of their great detail. They can also be worth a lot of money. 

The Most Collectible Knives

Bowie knives are fixed blade knives commonly associated with the Wild West. Frontiersmen used these knives for hunting and self-defense.

They are one of the most famous types of knives and have been in many movies and stories. Such movies include Rambo Crocodile Dundee, Comando, and more.

Swiss Army Knives are pocket knives that have a number of multi-purpose tools in the handle, including screwdrivers, scissors, tweezers, toothpicks, bottle openers, and more. This style of knife has become very popular because it makes them easy to carry around.

Custom hunting knives are custom-made knives used by hunters who want a unique knife while out in the field.


In conclusion, who buys knives will depend on who made them, who is buying them, and the intended use of the knife. Many people collect knives to show off as a status symbol or because they appreciate the fine craftsmanship that goes into each knife. Other reasons include hunters and tradespeople who need a specific knife for their line of work.

But, In the end, make sure that whoever is buying your knife is reputable and knows enough about buying knives to make a fair offer. Whether you have a single knife or a knife collection, selling knives is a great way to make money.

Finally, if you would like to learn more about who buys knives, we suggest checking out The Best Places to Sell Knives – thanks for reading!

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